At a glance

The DHBW Summer School on Sustainability is open for (Bachelor) students from all departments, interested in the topic of sustainability. As the DHBW Summer School on Sustainability is funded by the DHBW Stiftung, it is free of charge for students from DHBW Partner Universities.

What the program offers

  • 9 transferable credits
  • Three weeks at four DHBW campuses: Heilbronn, Loerrach, Mannheim and Stuttgart 
  • Exciting excursions
  • European culture up-front

Why you should attent

The four campuses will offer four very different viewpoints on the comprehensive topic of Sustainability. The DHBW Heilbronn will focus on sustainable food management while at DHBW Loerrach, located in the beautiful Back Forrest, sustainable tourism will be in the center of attention. The DHBW Mannheim will shed light on sustainability in logistics and personnel management as well as the engineering perspective of things. Additionally, CSR and city planning will be big topics in Mannheim, while DHBW Stuttgart will go deep in the practical application on the business side of things and offer some insight into sustainability in finance.


The DHBW Summer School on Sustainability takes place on four DHBW campuses: Heilbronn, Loerrach, Mannheim and Stuttgart. Students of DHBW Partner Universities get the chance to experience an exciting overview of one of the most important topics of today, sustainability, free of charge. During the three-week-program, the four DHBW campuses offer workshops, lectures and presentations on various aspects of sustainability, such as sustainable business practices, sustainable hospitality, and sustainable engineering. On top, pertinent company visits and excursions complement this elusive overview of today's hot button issue. Students from different academic backgrounds can experience first-hand the impact of sustainable practices, participate in workshops and get across their own ideas, listen to seasoned professionals speak passionately about their topics, and see the cities of tomorrow develop. During the three-week program, they can earn up to 9 ECTS credits. The supporting program will include a variety of social and cultural events, such as interesting guided tours of the participating cities, excursions to sustainable wine makers, visits to local manufacturers, and much more.

How to apply

Your application to the program requires:

  • Letter of motivation (500 words max)
  • CV
  • Completed application form
  • Copy of your passport

Students are responsible for verifying current insurance or purchasing new insurance to cover their stay in Heilbronn.

Please download the current application from the website of DHBW Mannheim


Thanks to the funding by the DHBW Stiftung, the program is free of charge or all students of our partner universities. The free program includes all lectures, workshops and (company / site) visits, as well as the transportation to all regularly scheduled events. It also includes a Welcome and a Farewell event as well as a certificate. Costs occur for your accommodation, meals, personal spending, travels, and visa if applicable.

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Julia Zessin

Coordinator DHBW Summer School

E-Mail phone +49 621 4105-1802

Prof. Dr. Ralph Scheubrein

Summer School

E-Mail phone +49 7131 1237-135