Welcome International Incomings

Welcome International Incomings

26. September 2019

From September to December 2019, ten students from international partner universities in France, Serbia, Singapore and the US will spend a semester at DHBW Heilbronn. For some of them it is their first stay in Europe. The Junior Program as an entire semester taught in English is an important part of the international Profile of DHBW Heilbronn. It facilitates international Incoming students to study here and deepens international relations.

Besides the nine incoming students, ten DHBW fulltime students join the Junior Program: they are doing a semester taught in English at their own campus in Heilbronn.

In the Junior Program, professors from all over the world teach and share their expertise. They come from countries such as Chile, Great Britain, Poland, Serbia, Singapore and the US. After arrival, the international students had to organize some administrative affairs such as registering at the city hall and opening a German Bank account. Nine of the students join the Junior Program while one student from France will study retail management in the German program.

Last week the incoming students and the full time students got to know each other. Their first module “Intercultural competence and Social skills” focused on teambuilding as well. And the group was on tour: a guided tour through Heilbronn, rope climbing and a hike through the vinyards in Gundelsheim were on their agenda. According to Stefanie Rathje Culture, does not mean to think or act uniformly but to be familiar with certain things. The incoming students are just on their best way to familiarize themselves with the DHBW Campus and the Junior Program 2019.