Application and Nomination at your Home University

Before you apply to DHBW Heilbronn, you must be nominated by your home university. First, enquire at your university’s International Office (or Coordinator for Exchanges or ERASMUS) to determine if an agreement with DHBW Heilbronn already exists. If this is the case, please apply through your home university as a candidate for Heilbronn International Program (HIP). Your home university assesses your application and will officially nominate you for an academic exchange to DHBW Heilbronn. Next, you will prepare the actual application. If your university has yet to establish an agreement with DHBW Heilbronn, you may apply to HIP as a so-called free mover. Please request that the international coordinator at your home university contact us for more information.

Application and Acceptance at DHBW Heilbronn

After the nomination by your home university, you will be asked to submit the application with the necessary documents. Please apply for HIP by the deadline indicated, late applications will only be accepted on a space-available basis. Your documents can be submitted through your home university’s International Office. You can also send them directly to DHBW Heilbronn if your home university permits it. In that case, please apply via email to the International Office.


  • Home university nominates students by April 1
  • Students receive application form from DHBW Heilbronn by April 15 
  • Students return application by May 31

Five Steps to DHBW Heilbronn

Application Process Heilbronn International Program

Contact Heilbronn International Program

Prof. Dr. Johannes Kolb

Head of Heilbronn International Program

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